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The Heirs of The Dragon's Blood series is the saga of the Xosan, alien vampires from the planet therristreasures in the constellation Cygnus; who were once human but were transformed by a dragon's blood millions of years ago. The Xosan had visited Earth several times in history, their influence on humanity giving rise to the vampire legend. Over time some of them were marooned on Earth and made their lives in secret among the humans, changing the lives of those who were fated to become heroes in their own time. Each stand alone novel is epic adventure, science fiction, myth and history, romance, tragedy and triumph; linked together by the common theme of the vampire as hero. These are adult adventures meant for general audiences.

Other books are planned for 2018 and 2019. A Bad Night In Soledad is a western adventure, while XARAN takes place in pre-Columbian America about 1600 years BCE.

Each novel is an adventure in itself, with twists and turns you won't see coming. There is no gory or overly exaggerated bloodletting, nor is there any gratuitous sex. Each story is an exploration of the human condition, philosophical conflict, and reasoned fantasy, written to educate as well as entertain. Each book stands alone or as part of the complete set. This means you can buy one without any obligation to buy more. Try one. You won't be disappointed. ♦

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